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 Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin.

Skin is the largest and one of the most important organs of your body. It provides protection from harsh environmental conditions and toxins, it helps to recover from wounds, illnesses and health-related disbalance. Advanced skin care treatments are designed to target problem areas of the skin to defy the signs of aging and reduce wrinkling and hyperpigmentation. Anti-aging professional skin care helps improve skin tone and texture, restore firmness and elasticity, increase skin resilience and vibrancy, stimulate metabolism and cellular turnover in the skin.

Microcurrent Bio-lift, a.k.a. Non-surgical Facelift.


 It is for a fact, that the better you look, the better you feel about yourself.
The earlier you start taking care of your skin, the longer you will enjoy what you see in the mirror. Prevention and consistency are the keys to success.
Gravity and aging (decreased reproduction of new cells and collagen, loss of firmness and elasticity) cause facial muscles to sag. If facial muscles don't support the face structure, the contours of your face will give away your age.
Not ready for the facelift surgery? Microcurrent Bio-lift might be the best option to help improve the appearance of sagging facial muscles. It's often called the Lunchtime Facelift or Non-Surgical Facelift. Microcurrent Technology enables the tightening and toning of the skin and muscles, re-trains facial muscles to eliminate dynamic expression lines and lessen gravitational folds and wrinkles, restores a youthful vigorous look, the beautiful smooth contour of your face.
We offer complimentary consultation and special rates for a series of Bio-lift treatments. To schedule your appointment and for all inquiries, please call us (254) 654-7551

 'Ouch-less' Body Waxing with Long Lasting Results: Your Skin is Instantly Clean, Soft, and Satin Smooth.

 Body waxing isn't just a trend.

 People choose to remove unwanted hair for esthetic reasons, for the clean, lighter, cool feel. At our spa we strive to deliver silky smooth sexy results regardless the skin type with minimum discomfort and maximum satisfaction. We use the best quality products, medical grade local anesthetics, analgesic remedies, and the most advanced hair removal techniques to offer our clients virtually painless, gentle, yet effective waxing treatments with long-lasting results.

 At Bella Mode Aesthetics spa we provide face & body skin care services for men and women 7 days a week. To book your appointment please call 254-654-7551